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Emily Wannarka & Michael Bender

Emily Wannarka & Michael Bender here in Beautiful Bellbrook, Ohio!

We love the outdoors; the green of the leaves feeds the soul. We love good food and being surrounded by friends and family. Sipping on an ice cold craft beer while listening to a kick-ass classic rock playlist as the sun sets is the bee’s knees. We bring that same easy-going, good-feeling to all our sessions.

We are a blended family of six! With four kids, we know all the work it takes to carve out time of an already busy schedule, pick out the right outfits, deal with tired or hungry toddlers, kids' that refuse to smile and angsty teenagers that would rather be anywhere then taking photos with their family!

We've been down the aisle (multiple times, whoops!) we know the stress the anticipation and the love that takes place on such a special day! For every aspect of photography, we can relate, empathize and we understand that the struggle can be real! But we also know the results are worth it!

We truly care about the relationships with our clients; it is not just about the photos for us. Its about the connection with you and your family that we cherish most.

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